Southern Edge Figure Skating Club Presents

Our Spring recital will be held on April 29th,  2:15 pm – 5:30 pm. This recital is open to Southern Edge Figure Skating Club Members and Non-Members! We look forward to seeing everyone having fun!

We will offer Solos, Duets, and Trios. All Solo, Duet, and Trios will be responsible for their own costumes, props, training ice, and coaching. 

Before you sign up for a Duet or Trio, please be sure you have already formed your Duet or Trio. 
If you need help finding a coach or have any questions please email our Club Skating Director Melia Callahan or Club President Kala Wondrasek at

All forms are due by April 2nd with no exceptions

All music is due by April 10th, please speak with your coach to see if they are sending your music or if you are responsible. The length of music can only be as long as your level allows for competition.

When registering, the form will give Member and Non-Member Pricing. A Member is for those who are part of the Southern Edge Figure Skating Club. Please check the correct price so you know what you will be billed.

SEFSC Members (Max 2 Events)  First Event $60, Second Event $30

Non-SEFSC Members (Max 2 Events)  First Event $90, Second Event $50

Registration Form



    Solo Event

    Duet Event

    Trio Event

    I/We voluntarily and knowingly assume the risks associated with ice skating and release from any liability Southern Edge Figure Skating and its affiliates, event organizers, volunteers, and officials. Parent/Guardian grants permission to use photo or likeness of the above skater on Southern Edge publications such as Facebook or the club website.