As stated in the USFS website: U.S. Figure Skating strives to provide a safe environment for its members that is free of misconduct and harassment. The association will not tolerate or condone any form of harassment or misconduct of any of its members including athletes, coaches, officials, directors, employees, parents, volunteers or any other persons while they are participating in or preparing for a figure skating activity or event conducted under the auspices of U.S. Figure Skating. All forms of misconduct are unacceptable and in direct conflict with U.S. Figure Skating rules. We all can play a role in preventing abuse and reducing misconduct in sport. The U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program provides resources for all members to identify abuse and misconduct, steps that can be taken to reduce it and procedures to respond to it. 


The U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program addresses the following types of misconduct:

  • Sexual misconduct 

  • Physical misconduct

  • Emotional misconduct

  • Bullying, threats, and harassment

  • Hazing

  • Willfully tolerating misconduct


An updated version of U.S. Figure Skating’s SafeSport Handbook is now available.

As found within the current U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Handbook, the SafeSport Program includes policies and guidelines that apply to all U.S. Figure Skating members, clubs, programs, events and activities and involves several key components. 


The SafeSport Program also includes required training of coaches and select U.S. Figure Skating volunteers, officials and staff members on recognizing and reducing circumstances for potential misconduct to occur; information on U.S. Figure Skating’s mandatory screening and background check program; the procedures for reporting suspected misconduct (including protections from any retaliation or repercussions for such reporting and procedures for disciplinary action for failure to appropriately report and for making a false report); the procedures and means by which U.S. Figure Skating and its member clubs and programs should respond to allegations of misconduct; and how U.S. Figure Skating and its member clubs can implement this program to help ensure its effectiveness. All individuals, regardless of membership with U.S. Figure Skating, are encouraged to report suspected violations of SafeSport. 


If you have questions about the SafeSport program, email: or call 719-635-5200


For more information or to speak with a club representative,


U.S. Figure Skating Locker Rooms/Changing Areas Policy for Figure Skating Competitions
Only athletes competing at the figure skating event are allowed in the Locker Rooms/Changing Areas. An exception may be allowed for an athlete age 11 years or younger to be accompanied by one parent of the same sex to assist their child immediately prior to and after their skating event(s), unless otherwise specified.  


In the event of a medical situation or emergency, U.S. Figure Skating officials working on behalf of the event (such as doctor, physical therapist, chief referee) or emergency medical personnel will be permitted into the Locker Room/Changing Area.

All Locker Rooms/Changing Areas will be monitored. If any concerns arise, the Locker Room/Changing Area monitor must be contacted immediately. If the monitor ascertains that anyone inside the Locker Room/Changing Area has engaged in any form of sexual misconduct, that person will be removed immediately and local law enforcement will be contacted.  

If there are concerns regarding this policy, an athlete should change prior to arriving at the competition.

The use of any recording and photographic devices inside a Locker Room/Changing Area is strictly prohibited.