Key Tags

The Key Tag is a small tag that allows you to play your skating songs during training ice. When you scan your tag the song will play over the rinks pa system. If another music program is currently playing, the new music program will be placed in the music queue. The skater’s name will be announced alerting them when their music is about to play. Having a key tag avoids skaters having to switch their phones which leads to broken audio plugs and lost or broken phones.

  • One Complimentary Key Tag is included with our Primary, Subsequent, Collegiate, Adult, Introductory Primary and Subsequent Membership.
  • Basic Skills members cost is $15, non members cost is $25.
  •  Lost Key Tag costs $15 to replace.
  • $10 registration fee is needed to activate the key tag and is the responsibility of the skater.

You will go to register your key tag and upload your skating song.